About Ford

Ford is a company with over a hundred years of experience manufacturing industry-leading automobiles worldwide. Coming a long way from the original Model T, today’s Fords are some of the most popular passenger vehicles globally—and quite popular in Australia.

Ford began manufacturing cars in America in 1903, with the iconic Model T coming along in 1906. Ford established Australian factories in Geelong, Victoria, in 1925 under the control of Ford Canada, a distinct corporation from the U.S. Ford Motor Company. In 1961, Ford Australia established another factory and its Australian headquarters in Campbellfield, near Melbourne. Ford Australia ended production in 2016 amid falling sales figures.

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Ford facts

Becoming a Ford loyalist gives Aussie car owners access to a range of different vehicle types that help people from all walks live life to the fullest. From rugged trucks for hard work to sedans designed with families in mind, Ford has something for every kind of car owner.

Ford vehicles are among the most affordable passenger vehicles on the market. With such a wide selection of available models, Ford has a car to fit every driver’s budget, helping more Australians get on the road with a stylish, practical vehicle.

Take advantage of the Ford EcoBoost technology and invest in a car that will keep you driving for years to come.

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