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Have Car Touchscreens gotten too big?

12 July 2024

Manufacturers are pushing the boundaries with larger car touchscreens to attract buyers.

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Get to know Berwick City

11 July 2024

Berwick City is a local award winning car dealership network.

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Your guide to EVs

1 July 2024

See our short guide on EVs to understand EVs better.

What is the secret of diesel's longevity?

21 June 2024

See the difference of the lifespans of Diesel and Petrol cars.

The next generation of Apple Car Play

14 June 2024

Apple has revealed more about its next-generation CarPlay, set to debut in late 2024.

The most and least expensive cars to insure in Australia.

12 June 2024

Find out which types of cars are the most and the least expensive to insure.

Mitsubishi to broaden its range of electrified and hybrid vehicles

7 June 2024

Mitsubishi reveals its strategy to broaden its range of electrified and hybrid vehicles through 2030 and into the future

Renting an electric car from Hertz? You might still get billed for gas.

31 May 2024

Car rental companies sometimes bill renters for gas even when they've rented an electric vehicle.

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Police cars you'd never expect to be so awesome

24 May 2024

Imagine getting caught for speeding by police driving an Aston Martin.