Renting an electric car from Hertz? You might still get billed for gas.

By Sandra Zablotna - Friday 31 May 2024


Imagine this scenario: You rent an electric car, return it, and are then asked to pay for gas because the tank is empty. Here's a story that will leave you stunned.

Hertz faces accusations of overcharging customers in US, including a reported case where a Tesla renter was billed $277.39 for not refuelling the electric vehicle, even though it does not require gasoline. Despite prepaid fuel options, Hertz's poor customer service allegedly failed to rectify the erroneous charge, exacerbating the issue.

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Customer service offered no assistance when the customer sought help, providing minimal response or resolution.

I am unable to provide an adjustment or refund since the service was provided and contract is closed. Your signed rental agreement will also be our basis that you are fully aware of the fuel option that was added on the contract. I hope I was able to clarify this with you. Thank you for allowing me to review and assist you with your concern. - Customer service
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Hertz has issued refunds and offered a 'Free rental day' to affected customers. Despite citing a 'systems error', reports indicate similar issues as far back as March 2023. The company's decision to off-load 20,000 Tesla electric vehicles in the US was prompted by lower-than-expected demand and higher repair costs, raising concerns about potential depreciation in resale value.

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Meanwhile, Hertz Australia faced accusations of misleading electric car customers by imposing fees for returning vehicles with less than 90% battery charge. The company's decision to drop an additional 10,000 electric rental cars from its US fleet this year, coupled with Tesla's global price cuts affecting resale values, has contributed to Hertz's challenges, leading to a significant decline in its stock value in 2024.