The next generation of Apple Car Play

By Sandra Zablotna - Thursday 13 June 2024


Apple has provided more details about its next-generation CarPlay, set to debut in late 2024 with Aston Martin and Porsche as the initial adopters. First introduced in 2014, CarPlay has become a staple in new cars. The latest version, announced in 2022 but delayed until 2024, extends beyond the infotainment screen to include the instrument cluster and all vehicle displays, offering extensive customization options to attract automotive designers.


Image credit: Apple

The new CarPlay aims to enhance the driving experience with smooth, wireless connectivity and minimal latency. It can adapt to any vehicle's drivetrain and screen configuration, providing a seamless interface across all screens. This updated software is designed to start quickly and function immediately, even when driving off rapidly, ensuring a responsive user experience.

See the video below for more specified information: