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We have more than 20 manufacturer-approved service centres across Western Australia and Victoria.

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Audi Servicing & Repairs

Audi has become one of the world’s most popular automobile manufacturers, thanks to the company’s focus on quality, technology, and efficiency. Nothing keeps your Audi moving forward like regular car serving, though.

At mymoto, our partner dealerships offer convenient Audi servicing and repairs throughout Victoria and Western Australia.

choose one of our manufacturer-approved shops and receive high-quality maintenance, repairs, and service for your Audi vehicle. We offer a variety of options, including scheduled logbook service, minor fixes, major repairs, and Audi warranty services.

Booking your service is easy, too. Simply select your location and the model of your Audi vehicle to find a qualified mechanic nearby, the compare prices and services to locate the perfect workshop for your car’s needs. You can even enjoy one of our convenient loan vehicles or a free pick-up and drop-off, plus a complimentary car wash and vacuum.

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Fun Fact

Since its launch in the early 20th century, German-based automobile manufacturer Audi has grown into one of the most popular automobile manufacturers in the world. Audi’s founder, German engineer August Horch, trained under Karl Benz, the engineer who developed the first practical automobile and co-founded Mercedes-Benz. Horch went on to develop his own firm, known as Audi Automobilwerke GmbH, in 1910. Since then, Audi’s unparalleled engineering and iconic four-ring logo have become synonymous with luxury and progress.

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  • We have over 30 service centres around Western Australia and Victoria

    Protect the longevity of your vehicle by trusting a mymoto partnered qualified mechanical workshop with your car servicing in Australia. With more than 30 mymoto partner locations across WA and Victoria to choose from, you’ll find a quality mechanic close to home that you can trust.

    Book a service online today with one of mymoto’s certified dealership partners.