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We have more than 20 manufacturer-approved service centres across Western Australia and Victoria.

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Mitsubishi Servicing & Repairs

Enjoy the performance and handling of a well-tuned ride with specialised Mitsubishi car servicing! Mitsubishi cars come with quality servicing schedules to meet their maintenance needs. Your average auto service company may not possess the required skills and expertise. At mymoto, we pair you with highly trained, certified Mitsubishi technicians. Whether you drive a Mitsubishi SUV, midsize sedan, or innovative crossover, we’ll arrange a specialist for your model.

Our dealer technicians offer a wide range of services, including personalised inspections and detailed diagnoses, minor repairs and restorations, and major repairs and overhauls. They also check and refill all fluids in addition to providing logbook and warranty services.

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Fun Fact

Did you know that Mitsubishi earned distinction as the first automaker to develop an electronic tracing and traction control system? Automobile enthusiasts consider it a progenitor of stability control systems present in most of today’s cars. Thanks, Mitsubishi!

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  • We have over 30 service centres around Western Australia and Victoria

    Protect the longevity of your vehicle by trusting a mymoto partnered qualified mechanical workshop with your car servicing in Australia. With more than 30 mymoto partner locations across WA and Victoria to choose from, you’ll find a quality mechanic close to home that you can trust.

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