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MG Motor Australia has entered a new era. The vehicle manufacturer, well-known throughout the car industry, now promotes style, safety, space, and fun with its repertoire. The company boasts nearly a century of excellent values, sleek designs, and quality products. Its parent company, SAIC Motor, controls the brand and invests in many electric battery avenues, displaying its mission toward an energy-efficient future.


MG branded itself to Australia as offering extremely affordable yet premium vehicles, including the ZST, ZS, HS, and MG3. MG production includes a range of compact SUVs, hatchbacks, and even electric vehicles (EVs). The MG3 Auto won Australia’s Best Selling Light Hatchback award. The brand began shifting its focus toward a better energy future in recent years, producing over 185,000 electric cars in 2019 alone. In 2021, the MG brand entered Australia’s top 10 best-selling vehicle manufacturers. Today, MG is one of the top five EV manufacturers in the world, announcing new models at motor show launches each year.

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