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Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, the independent automobile department of Mitsubishi Heavy-Industries, Ltd., has been a leading manufacturer of vehicles since 1970. A prominent name in the automotive industry, Mitsubishi produces cars across various categories, including sedans, utes, MPVs, and SUVs.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL) is a fully owned subsidiary of the Japanese parent company and manufactured vehicles from 1980-2009, following Chrysler Australia’s production of Mitsubishi models during the 1970s. MMAL produced the Sigma, Magna (Verada), Colt, and Mitsubishi 380 for the Australian market.

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport
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Mitsubishi facts

Today, Aussies buy Mitsubishi’s range of cars imported from Japan (ASX, Outlander and Pajero) and Thailand (Mirage, Pajero Sport, and Triton).

Mitsubishi vehicles offer cutting-edge technology, such as Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Timing Electronic Control (MIVEC) engine technology. A MIVEC engine reduces air intake resistance through valve timing and intake valve lift control. The result is minimal pumping loss during air intake, maximum power delivery, and optimal fuel efficiency. All-Wheel Control is another noteworthy feature for the enhancement of handling and safety.

Mitsubishi is the brand to consider whether you are in the market for a family car, compact SUV, or ute. Most Mitsubishi cars come standard with a wide range of high-end features, including climate control and keyless ignition.

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